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How to look revenge hot like Taylor Swift

How to look (and act) revenge hot

I totally had no idea my ex would be here...


Oh, I didn’t know my ex was going to be here…

Your social calendar is always jammed packed with catch-ups, parties and after-work drinks. So with all these gatherings, you’re bound to bump into an ex. Don’t panic. We have put together tips and tricks to keep you looking and feeling like the cool girl that you are in potentially awkward social situations.
Spend extra time on your hair
Listen, when you haven’t got a lot of time to get ready for a party, we tend to spend most of it on our makeup and then spend the last 10 minutes on our ‘do. Well girls it’s time to give your hair the time it deserves! Who’s with us?! Our reasoning: You know how you magically have a brilliant day when you’re having a good hair day? Same rules apply after dark.
Poker-straight locks look sleek and in control. Add some waves for a flirty and fun ‘do. A low bun looks chic.
beyonce hair gif
Amp up your eyes
We are all for the coloured lip – it’s bold and screams confidence. But, if you’re worried about running into an ex, you may not want the upkeep of a bright pout. You’re already going to be worried about bumping into him on the way to the toilets, do you really want to be worried about having lipstick on your teeth too? The best bet is to go sultry with a smoky eye. You won’t have to reapply and you can get on with having a good time – and trying not to pee.
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Mix up your look
Yep, we’re going to pretty much be a big old hypocrite and go against everything we’ve just suggested. Why? Because sometimes it pays to step outside your comfort zone and discover a new style. It can also signify that you’re embracing change rather than struggling with it (read: taking control after a breakup, becoming your own woman, you’ve never been more free or wild, etc).
Normally wear your hair up? Try a half-up topknot. You can’t go past leaving your hair natural and free? Opt for a straight and high ponytail. Embrace red lips! Go crazy!
Partying gif
Acknowledge them
Even if you would rather suffer through a day hanging out with Dan Bilzerian (is it just us who think this is a horrible fate?) than have to make small talk with an ex, be a sophisticated lady and do it. Say hi or smile from across the room if you can’t manage getting too close. Making a big deal by ignoring him and giving him death glares from across the room just looks like you haven’t moved on – and even if you haven’t, don’t give him the satisfaction of knowing that.
Samantha - Sex & The City
Keep conversations positive – and short
It’s not the time to bring up how shit he treated you or how annoying it was when he clipped his toenails in bed (even though that is effing annoying and GROSS). Keep the chat light and not too personal. Even if you’re dying to know how his sister’s dance recital went, that will just open up old wounds and maybe make you feel emotional that you missed it. Keep to simple conversation starters (that don’t imply you want to get back together/you still have feelings for him) like ‘Are you taking time off over Christmas?’ or ‘How is work going?’ and, you know, there is always the equally safe and boring topics of how the week was and the weather.
And don’t feel like you have to spend an hour hanging out with him. A couple of polite questions and then shut it down with a ‘Well, it was really nice seeing you. Have a great night’ and depart like a lady who is far too in-demand and popular to hang with a bozo like him all night.
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Don’t talk about him
At least not at the party you’re at that he’s also at! Even if you think you’re talking/venting/bitching in a dainty whisper to your friend in the corner, you never know who is in earshot. And think about it: if he is there, you are surrounded by people who know him (read: and will report back to him). You’re better than that. Or at least you should be better at choosing locations for bitch sessions.
Sex and the city gif
Have a bloody good night
The most important tidbit of them all. Chat and mingle with new and interesting people! Dance like no one’s watching! Have fun with your friends! The best revenge of all is letting them know they haven’t affected you. BOOM!
Selena Gomez

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