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Apple iOS 10 update

What you need to know about Apple’s ‘biggest release yet’

Here are the developments we’re most fired up about.

Kylie Jenner iPhone selfie

What exciting changes does our tech fairy godfather, Apple have in store for us this year? Here are the developments we’re most fired up about.


iMessage is getting Snapchat-ified, you guys – and it’s about time.
Gone are the days of umming and ahhing over which emoji to use in your message. With the upcoming iOS update you’ll be able to tap the keyboard button for emojis and the words in your message that have an equivalent emoji will be highlighted so you can literally send a message in emoji code!
Cue the fireworks and confetti; we’re all going to be addicted to the new full screen effects. And did we mention you’ll be able to customise photos and videos with drawings? There is also going to be an ‘Invisible Ink’ feature which will hide messages and photos from your recipient until they magically swipe to reveal. It’s like the tech version of invisible pens and UV lights, circa 2004.


It’s so hard to find a maps app which is user-friendly these days, amiright? Dw, that’s all going to change. Apple Maps is going to be super useful (finally), as with iOS 10 it will include other map-related service apps, like Uber and Lyft to become all-in-one. Plus they’re implementing a reliable ETA feature for your journeys. ‘Bout time!

Redesigned lock screen

Changes, changes, changes…. With iOS 10, when you raise your phone your lock screen will automatically switch on to show your notifications, and instead of unlocking your phone to respond to notifications, you’ll be able to do it there and then with 3D Touch.
Apple, you’ve done it again.


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