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Kendall and the sloth

Kendall Jenner has “best day ever” with a sloth

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What did Kendall Jenner do to deserve our ideal life?

She gets to be besties with Gigi Hadid, sister Kylie Jenner and… Serenity the sloth? So jealous.
Kendall hung out with Serenity as one of nine things she’s never done before, for Allure magazine. She also tried eating dragonfruit, playing basketball whilst wearing heels and putting on makeup without a mirror… with mixed levels of success. Let’s just say she earned her time with that sloth!
Kendall and a sloth
The Estée Lauder brand ambassador clearly loved the experience, gushing on her app: “Making this video with Allure was so much fun! I mean, I got to take selfies with a sloth, test my changing skills and play the violin (all in amazing outfits!).”
She continue to gush on her website: “I love all animals, so of course this was the best day ever.”
Yep, we would have been double-post-level stoked too.
Did we mention she looked amazing the whole time? The girl is goals.

Words: Alex Blackwood
Photo: c/o


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