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Stella McCartney’s new fashion film will creep you out (in a good way, of course)

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Our minds are officially blown.

Stella McCartney’s latest short film for her SS17 collection sees the designer team up with surrealist artist Philippa Price for a video that’s as weird, as it is amazing.

The film is titled “Uncanny Valley” and is set in the Nevada desert in an area which served as a nuclear testing site in the 1940s.

The clip stars models Megan Nison and the director’s BF Bradley Soileau. The pair wear creepy clown makeup throughout, and there’s a visit to the (real) clown motel too.

Phillippa Price is known for her hyper-surreal videos like Banks’ “F*** With Myself” and for staging live performances by the likes of Rihanna.

Check out the full video above and enjoy this weird AF fashion trip.

Photo: Youtube


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