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Why every girl needs a capsule wardrobe and how to build one


You’ve probably heard of them before, capsule wardrobes are taking over the world by storm and we are so into it!

What is it?

It’s 2018, minimalistic living is so on trend and we as a human race are constantly looking for new and productive ways to keep ourselves living practically. We’re all for embracing the things that matter in life, and less of the things that don’t. Capsule wardrobes represent these lifestyle efforts in a way that affects us constantly, through the fabulous items of clothing we decide to wear each and every day. It’s very important here at Miss FQ!

A capsule is about refining your wardrobe by filling it up with staple pieces, topped with a sprinkling of seasonal trends that you cannot live without, and getting rid what you never wear that lurks in the back of your coat rack.

These pieces, 35 to be exact, should all be able to work together and allow for your wardrobe to be completely interchangeable – doesn’t it sound like a dream? These pieces can be switched around every three months and cover everything a girl needs including:

  1. White tee
  2. Black tee
  3. Striped/printed tee
  4. Coloured tee
  5. Long sleeve basic
  6. A fun on-trend seasonal top
  7. Blouse
  8. White button up shirt
  9. A little black dress
  10. A floral dress
  11. A fun on-trend seasonal dress
  12. A striped dress
  13. Denim jacket
  14. Leather jacket
  15. An on-trend seasonal jacket
  16. Long line coat
  17. Jersey jumper
  18. Chunky knit
  19. Denim jeans
  20. White jeans
  21. Black jeans
  22. Harem pants
  23. Tracksuit pants
  24. Sneakers
  25. Leather flat boots
  26. Leather heeled boots
  27. Pumps
  28. Strappy heels
  29. Sandals
  30. Statement bag
  31. Long strap bag
  32. Scarf
  33. Cap (hat)
  34. Wide brimmed hat
  35. An on trend seasonal accessory


Why Capsule Wardrobes Are Great

Think about it, how often are you standing in front of a filled-to-the-brim wardrobe feeling like nothing goes together and you’ve got nothing to wear? Capsule wardrobes completely take away the stress, which of course saves you more time in the morning to sit down with your coffee and flick through Miss FQ. Obvs!

Not only are you saving time, but you’re saving money. See what we mean about being practical? The capsule wardrobe helps to avoid impulse buying (come on, we’re all guilty of it) which is the culprit behind filling up your wardrobe with a million pieces and still not knowing what to wear! Not to mention, it clears out space so that you can think logically about crafting your outfits to perfection.

The capsule wardrobe represents need for your life to be less focused on wasting time to figure out what you’re going to wear and banishing the tendency to irrationally spend your hard earned cash money on impulse buys! It’s definitely a win-win for us.

How To Build One

  1. Start fresh. You’ve got to be strict with yourself and clean out your closet. Leave yourself with your absolute fave staple and on-trend pieces that you one hundred percent cannot live without.
  2. Spend some time dividing your pieces into three seasonal categories: summer and winter for obvious reasons, and trans-seasonal for your most appropriate in-between-temperature Spring and Autumn must-haves.
  3. Edit your decisions to suit your lifestyle and the seasons appropriately.
  4. If there are some pieces you’re nervous about parting ways with, store them away somewhere for 6 months and then make a decision to bin them later on!
  5. For the pieces that suit the current season, keep them in your wardrobe and store the other two categories away to keep your space clean.
  6. Switch between each season every three months! Have fun with moving pieces around but try to generally keep to your categories.
  7. Purchase a clean rack so that your wardrobe space looks super trendy and so that you can see what you own to create the perfect ensemble each morning
  8. Restrict yourself to shopping every three months and try to make most of your purchases planned (make a wish list to jot down must haves as you see them pop up).
  9. Make it a lifestyle and totally rock it! Your life is about to get so much easier.
Words: Ash Owens


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