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Triumph & Disaster’s Dwayne Rowsell and his Dad on men’s skincare

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Teach your fathers well

This year New Zealand’s modern apothecary, Triumph & Disaster (T&D) have taken it upon themselves to help sons and daughters educate their fathers on the importance of skincare. More often than not, the older generation – we all know those classic Kiwi blokes – are hesitant to embark on a daily skin ritual like us millennials do, but T&D is endeavouring to change that.

Miss FQ’s Skye Ross caught up with T&D’s Dwayne Rowsell and his best mate and dad, Bert ahead of Father’s Day to break down the ‘skincare’s for girls’ barrier men often have and to find out how T&D has changed their minds…

Miss FQ: What is your skincare and grooming ritual?

Dwayne: I have a simple routine – I use an exfoliating scrub twice a week and a cleanser every other day. There’s no choice but to be clean-shaven given my sparse facial hair situation… and I’ll always use a facial moisturiser morning and night.

Bert: I put that moisturiser on my face. What’s it called…? Gameface! And that other shaving cream stuff in the morning.

How do you approach skincare and grooming? Is it something you enjoy or is it a ‘task?’

D: I like the daily rituals a skincare routine gives you. I’ve never seen skincare and grooming as a task; having healthy skin is an easy path to feeling good.

B: It’s frustrating if I go away without my products. Previously I’d just grab anything that was within arms reach but that’s what gave me skin problems.

How do you feel about skincare now in comparison to how you used to, say before Triumph & Disaster came on the market?

D: At school, I was guilty of not doing my research and buying products that contained alcohols and synthetic chemicals from the supermarket. Now I know more about skincare, I’m proud to work for T&D and trusting in their quality, natural products. Don’t be fooled by the big-hitters.

B: I’m getting bloody older but I feel my skin is getting better. I’d see my fathers sun-damaged skin and worry mine would end up the same as his but after using T&D for 3 years now I know my skin is getting a quality product.

Growing up, what was your approach to skincare? Did you have a certain ‘male mentality’ about it?

D: I have three older sisters, need I say more? But they were always throwing a moisturiser at Dad and I.

B: I grew up in the 60’s-70’s and our attitude was that nature can’t hurt me I’m young and tough. We were in the sun all day surfing and farming – skincare just wasn’t something that my mates and I used.

How do you think men of all generations need to change their mind set and approach to self-care?

D: ‘Why would you not want healthier skin?’ would be my question to the men stuck in concrete.

B: Value your skin; it is destructible – I thought it wasn’t.

What is important to you when considering different skincare products?

D: Performance is most important followed by packaging/brand. I need to want to own it.

B: Will the product work? I was booked to see a skin specialist every 3 months who would tell me my skin was dry/irritated and give me a new cream to try to fix it. Since using T&D I haven’t gone back to the bloke because my skin is no longer dry and irritated.

We all suffer from skin woes; both men and women, whether guys like to admit it or not. What are your skin concerns?

D: My biggest concern is the sun, how much damage happens to our skin that we don’t know about.

B: Preserving my skin as best I can, making sure it doesn’t deteriorate due to other reasons than ageing.

Which essential skincare product should every man have?

D: I’m big on cleanser. A clean face morning and night.

B: A face moisturiser and if you’re a fisherman, that white No Dice Sunscreen is a beauty.

What is the most important piece of wisdom your father shared with you?

D: Call your Mum, regularly.

B: The sun will rise tomorrow and you’ve got another day.

How do you define manhood?

D: Becoming your Dad’s best mate.

B: Seeing my boy stand on his own feet.. And fillet the fish he catches!

Using naturally derived formulas and beautiful, yet masculine packaging, T&D is the perfect pearl of wisdom to gift your dad this Father’s Day. Best of all the products lend themselves to a clear ritual that isn’t intimidating and is totally bloke-appropriate. Happy Father’s Day from Miss FQ and the team at Triumph & Disaster.


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